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Who are we

ENERGETIC teams formed by a group of IT geeks who wants to bring new changes to industries

  • Our service is custom made based on customer requirement
  • We provide suitable cloud technologies align with customer business development
  • Customer success is Tasper initiatives
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Tasper provides a wide range of tailored made solution in different areas such as Cloud Computing,  Mobile and Web Application Development as well as Security area. We believe total solution can help our customers to enjoy sophisticated and latest technology to fulfill their business needs.

Cloud Computing

Efficient provision of managed services via IAAS, PAAS and SAAS


Portability between different platforms and clouds. It's truly write once, run anywhere

Mobile App Development

Applications run by finger tips via mobile phone, wearable or tablets

Web Development

Dynamic application run on web servers to tackle and automate business routine

CMS Solution

A efficient way of provision, management and presentation of digital contents


A new culture of both operation and development to achieve better collaboration and coordination

What Tasper offers you

Where do our name come from ? Tasper is formed by seven energtic words to achieve its goal. We combine with Technologies, Agile, Scalability, Security, Productivity, Efficiency and Reliability. These deliverables are also aligned with Tasper core values. We will always put these components in our mind when dealing with our valued customers.

Technologies: Cloud, Container, Serverless

Help our customers to undergo digitized transformation or move their business from on-premises to cloud intelligently

Agile: DevOps/CICD

DevOps makes both operation and development process cycle more smooth. It can applied to both on-premises and cloud platform

Scalability / Security: Cloud, Security Compliance

Achieve with near zero downtime or cause less impact to business operation. Different security compliance standards haven been certified by many cloud providers

Productivity: Data recovery, Timely Upgrade, Remote access, Higher collaboration

Improve data security with cloud data recovery. Less time for system upgrades. Employees can work remotely anywhere at anytime. Work forces can access same data in different time zone globally to achieve higher collaboration

Efficiency: Cloud Storage

For on-premises environment capacity planning is not always easy to do when it comes to resource expansion. We only need to pay storage fee for cloud for what we really use

Reliability: Resource scalability, Short equipment provisioning time

Make use of cloud technologies to help them to do heavy computing and data analysis. But with cloud technologies we almost can do all the things in faster time manner with lower cost due to pay as you go model

Hard Working Team

We are established by a group of IT professional who have enthusiasm in IT industry. They want to bring new technologies to corporations and SME in HK as well as involving in transforming HK from traditional to innovative based economy

Tony Yip

Cloud Solution Architect

Specialize in Cloud Technologies and Web Technologies

Tom Cheung

Cloud Solution Architect

Specialize in Cloud Technologies and Web Technologies

Join Our Team

Tasper culture is different from typical companies that they need to work routinely. Tasper culture takes various components into workplace such as knowledge sharing, job rotation, passion. Under Tasper family you can balance between work and life.

If you think you have Tasper DNA please send us email with CV to


Think out of the box without restricting by traditional way. Believe innovative ideas comes from any people at any time from anywhere


Passion about new technologies and enjoy learning all kinds of technologies

Knowledge Sharing

Technologies changes rapidly so new technologies today become old tomorrow, share what you know and learn what you don't know from others

Team Building

We are not super hero. The more team members we have the greater ability to tackle the problem


Tasper family members can chat and discuss anytime anywhere. We don't have complicated organizational structure

Mutual Trust

We believe that mutual trust is beneficial to team work and strengthen organizational culture

Our clients


We are ready to lead you into the future of cloud computing and mobile apps world.

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Unit 913, 9/F, Asia Trade Center, 79 Lei Muk Road, Kwai Chung

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