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Tasper is the perfect choice for your business needs.

Customer Focused

In today’s fast paced environment companies need to review their operation regularly to stay competitive. Latest and high technologies can assist companies  to stay ahead. Companies need to evaluate and adopt new technologies to help them to achieve business objectives and align their business strategies.

Tasper Technologies Company Limited is formed by a team of experienced IT professionals with the objective of providing our clients cost effective and custom made business solutions at affordable price. We Tasper understands the SME needs. We can analysis and collect the information from SME and design solution to align with their business operation and maintain their business continuity. Moreover we will provide total solution to customers with suitable equipments in order to ensure system compatibility and interoperability.

Tasper provides a wide range of tailored made solution in different areas such as Cloud Computing, Mobile and Web Application Development as well as Security area. We believe total solution can help our customers to enjoy sophisticated and latest technology to fulfill their business needs.







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Our Culture

The Tasper Style

From daily to daily work you will easily assimilate into Tasper culture and work style through a series of activities.

People Matter

Company success depends on people work and cooperation. Tasper takes staffs development into high importance. People and talents are company critical asset. Listen and understand staffs what they want and feel are keys to success.

Wide Range Of Products

Tasper Lifestore provides wide range of products for our valuable customers. They include computer related peripherals, stationery and electrical appliance.

Core Hiring Principles

We Tasper treasures and emphasizes the development of potential talents and employees. We hire for potential not only experience.


Our Staff members not only work for routine assignments but also they can take different challenges to train and upgrade themselves. Job rotation will be available if staffs want to learn different things in different areas.

Our employees can challenge themselves by taking different projects or job assignments to fulfill their job satisfaction.

Work Balance

We understand that some employers make having children and pursuing your career difficult. Not here at Tasper. We offer mixed mode of working style. You can either work from home or at office.

Employees can select either work from home or work at office mode. It depends on their requirement. We treasure and try our best to maintain harmonious relationship with employees. Work life balance is one of hiring principles in Tasper. Raising a family can be hard enough without compromising career development.


We want you to be the best you possible. If there's something you want to learn that beneficial to corporation, we'll fund and facilitate your education to give you the best prospects.

We would rather train internally than externally, as we believe sense of belongings is important to employees when they decide to stay at or leave so cohesiveness will be increased if employees are trained internally.

Our Core Values

Tasper culture is different from typical companies that they need to work routinely. Tasper culture takes various components into workplace such as knowledge sharing, job rotation, passion. Under Tasper family you can balance between work and life.

  • Innovative

  • Passion

  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Job Rotation

  • Continuous Improvement
  • Team Building
  • Non-Bureaucratic

  • Mutual Trust

  • Supportive

  • Growth Mindset


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