Tasper Solutions and Services

Tasper provides Cloud Computing, ERP, Mobile App and Web Development, Security Service to our valued customers


Cloud Computing Services provided by Tasper include AWS and Azure-based Cloud Solutions, Containers, DevOps, Serverless and Cloud Migration, VDI, and Disaster Recovery which can increase your operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Cloud Solution

Provisioning and managing infrastructure faster without worrying about capacity


Build, Ship, Run Any App Anywhere. Portability between platforms and cloud


Build and run applications and services without thinking about servers

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Access workstations with different devices from anywhere

Disaster Recovery

You don’t need to wait for long time when retrieving data in case of failure


A new culture of both operation and development to achieve better collaboration and coordination


Mobile Apps and Web Development Services provided by Tasper including Android, iOS mobile apps development and both Front-End and Back-End Web Development as well as CMS Solutions.

Android Apps Development

Develop mobile applications on the Android platform and interact with finger tip

IOS Apps Development

Develop mobile application on iOS platform and interact with finger tips

Front-End Development

Website look and feel interact with end-users

Back-End Development

Handle business logic and functionalities behind the scene of web application

CMS Solutions

Management of Websites via Content Management made easy


Security Services provided by Tasper including Next Generation Firewall, Web Application Firewall, IPSEC VPN, SSL-VPN, Web and Email Security, Advanced Endpoint Protection, Multi-Factor Authentication and IT Auditing.


Next Generation Firewall and Web Application Firewall safeguard your door to corporation


Access enterprise resource securely via encrypted channels

Web and Email Security

Your Sweeper for organization collaboration system and Business Application

IT Auditing

Scan physical and logical vulnerabilities for your organization

Multi-Factor Authentication

Enhanced security measures from mobile and removable devices

Advanced Endpoint Protection

Intellient way to detect and remove threats from your organization network